Refinance & Debt Consolidation


Refinancing can be for Debt Consolidation, pay for that long overdue trip, providing a deposit for the investment property or helping the kids into their first home. What ever the reason we are here to help you. Most banks offer cash incentives to help customers. Sometime these incentives are enough to cover the costs of breaking your loan agreement and any legal fees, while still leaving cash in your hand. So not only might your mortgage broker get you a better rate, but refinancing might get you a little cash back as well.

What are the advantages?

Reduce rates, save on monthly mortgage payments.

Combine loans, simplify finances, and reduce interest.

Access cash, invest, or improve your property’s value.


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How It Works

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The process of obtaining a mortgage usually includes these steps

Step 1

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is the first step, where we'll discuss your goals and assess your financial situation to provide guidance.

Step 2

Document Collection

Gathering necessary documents is essential for a smooth and efficient process, ensuring we have all the information needed to assist you.

Step 3

Evaluation and Approval

Lender assessment determines loan approval, ensuring your financial standing aligns with their requirements for a successful mortgage application process.

Step 4

Disbursement Process

The disbursement process involves releasing the approved funds to complete your purchase or meet your financial needs as specified.